New Mexico’s climate and its plethora of attractions and landscapes have made it a must-see stop on many campers’ trip lists. Between the great weather and the seemingly limitless choices for where to hook up your RV or pitch your tent, camping near Taos, New Mexico, has become a favorite for weekend warriors, vacationers, and full-time campers alike.

So, why should camping in New Mexico be on your to-do list?

Explore or Camp in One of New Mexico’s State Parks

On top of offering beautiful, scenic campgrounds that are located near popular attractions and are convenient to amenities and events (like Taos Valley RV Park), New Mexico has a ton of national and state parks to explore, as well as recreational activities to participate in.

Carson National Forest

This national forest is home to Wheeler Peak and sits near Taos, an artsy city that draws thousands of campers each year.

Cibola National Forest

Cibola National Forest is made up of several disparate parts of the state and has a varying landscape. It includes the Apache Kid Wilderness and Manzano Mountain Wilderness, as well as scrubby forests, red rock cliffs, and grasslands.

Gila National Forest

With the designation of the oldest wilderness area, this national forest is home to juniper forests and a variety of unique creatures, such as the roadrunner and Gila monster.

Lincoln National Forest

This national forest is the birthplace of the original Smokey the Bear, a black bear cub who escaped a forest fire by climbing a tree with his singed paws. He was rescued and quickly became the face of fire safety for campers.

Santa Fe National Forest

This national forest surrounds Santa Fe, as the name implies. It offers smaller campgrounds and dispersed camping with fantastic views. Go exploring, and you might find hot springs, the Valles Caldera National Monument and the Bandelier National Monument.

To Stay Closer to Taos, Choose a Local RV Park or Campground!

Taos has a variety of RV parks and campgrounds to choose from—finding the right one is only a matter of searching near the locations you most want to explore and seeing which ones have all the hookups, amenities, and space you need to set up camp comfortably. Bringing your kids along? Your pets? The right campground and RV park is out there for you. Reserve a spot at the Taos Valley RV Campground today!

Taos is conveniently located near a ton of hiking trails and other outdoor activities and scenic landmarks just waiting to be explored. You’ll find gorgeous views everywhere you turn, and you’ll never be far from your next adventure.

When you visit, be sure to select an RV park in a convenient location with all the amenities you need to make the most of your stay. Taos Valley RV Park is a great option—just call ahead to make sure your spacious spot is reserved for you.

Plan Your RV Camping Trip to New Mexico Today

It’s important to plan ahead—you don’t want to wait until the last minute and discover your chosen campground doesn’t have space for you. So, start putting together your trip itinerary, plan your routes, and choose the campgrounds that are going to put you closest to the activities, events, and landmarks you most want to see on your camping trip to New Mexico.

We look forward to seeing you on your next adventure!