RV Parking In taos, NM

Park Your RV at Taos Valley RV Park

Ski the slopes, hike the trails, ride the rapids and see everything there is to see in Taos.  New Mexico RV camping is the best in the southwest and Taos is a can’t miss experience.  Taos Valley RV Park welcomes RV enthusiasts of every variety. We have space for everyone, and we can’t wait for you to experience everything we love about Taos!

Affordable Rates for Every Stay

Park your RV for a few days, weeks or months

Worried about being crunched for time on your next visit to Taos? Stay with us as long as you like! Make the most of your trip at Taos Valley RV Park. We offer affordable rates for daily, weekly and monthly or long-term stays—taxes included!

Daily Rates

All Pricing is Plus Metered Electricity. Tax Included

FHU Pull Thru 30/50 Amp:$52.79
FHU Pull In/Back In:$46.05
Water/Elec Pull Thru:$42.68
Water/Elec Pull In/Back In:$39.31

Weekly Rates

All Pricing is Plus Metered Electricity. Tax Included

FHU Pull Thru 30/50 Amp:$316.72
FHU Pull In/Back In:$276.29
Water/Elec Pull Thru:$256.07
Water/Elec Pull In/Back In:$235.86

Affordable Long-term Parking Rates

Make yourself at home here at Taos Valley RV Park & Campground with our monthly & long-term parking options!

Monthly Rates (Summer)

All Pricing is Plus Metered Electricity. Tax Included
April 1 – October 31

FHU Pull Thru 30/50 Amp:$700
FHU Pull In/Back In:$645
Water/Elec Pull Thru:$600
Water/Elec Pull In/Back In:$530

Monthly Rates (Winter)

All Pricing is Plus Metered Electricity. Tax Included
November 1 – March 31

FHU Pull Thru 30/50 Amp:$650
FHU Pull In/Back In:$600
Water/Elec Pull Thru:$550
Water/Elec Pull In/Back In:$480

New Mexico is the perfect RV camping destination

New Mexico is arguably one of the best places for RV camping. With its diverse terrain, whether it be mountains, desert, canyons, caves or sand dunes, our abundance of unique wildlife or the crystal clear night skies, this state is full of natural beauty and RV camping is one of the best ways to get the full experience.

New Mexico RV camping is the perfect way to see everything this state has to offer. There are an abundance of RV parks in northern New Mexico, which is the perfect part of this state to explore nature. There are also tons of parks throughout the rest of the state, which gives you the opportunity to travel all over and grasp the beauty of New Mexico as a whole.

Why Choose Taos Valley RV Park for Your Next Trip?

Modern amenities in a convenient location

Finding the perfect campground to park your RV in on your next trip might seem like a daunting task, but look no further. Taos Valley RV Park offers a variety of features and amenities that will make your next RV trip the best yet. Why?

We’re affordable. We offer competitive rates for spacious lots with either full hookups or water & electricity.  Our rates are competitive – in fact, we offer the very best Taos RV park experience at the very best price available. 

Our location can’t be beat. Taos has a lot to offer, and you’ll need time to discover it all. We’re conveniently located near the Enchanted Circle and are close to a variety of ski locations, historic landmarks and other must-see areas.

We’ve got the hookups. We have full water, sewer, and electricity hookups. While some sites have full sewer, others have access to a very convenient dump station.

Your Comfort and Enjoyment are our top priorities

We love Taos, and we want you to love it too. That’s why we strive to make your stay at Taos Valley RV Park memorable and fun. Our amenities and features include:

• On-site bathrooms and showers, cleaned regularly
• Privacy, quiet and proximity to nature and scenic views
• Convenient location near a variety of landmarks and outdoor activities
• Affordable daily, weekly and monthly rates (tax included)
• Water, sewer, and electricity hookups
• Multiple stall types for small vans, class C’s, travel trailers, 5th wheels and large class A motorhomes

Ready to book your next stay at Taos Valley RV Park? Make your reservation today!






120 Este Es Rd, Taos, NM 87571