Winter is on the way, which means tent camping in Taos is about to get a lot cozier. Think of those brisk mornings and the crisp air—you might even get to see snow. Yes, we know: it’s cold. VERY cold. So, if you always seem to find yourself shivering or cocooning yourself in layers of blankets to stave off that winter chill, we’ve got some tips to help you stay warm.

How To Stay Warm When Tent Camping

Layers, layers, layers.
As soon as you start to notice the temperature dropping or feel a little chill race up your spine, grab another coat or sweater and put it on. One of the biggest keys to staying warm is never getting cold.

Thermals, long-johns, and leggings galore.
We know—they might conjure images of your granny, but good thermals are fantastic for staying warm. Think of them as the base for all of your layers of clothing.

Hot water bottles.
Fill ‘em up with water, set them by fire (or stove or kettle), and tuck them into your sleeping bag to keep your feet warm. Hot water bottles are a game changer.

Warm up before going to bed.
Don’t climb into your sleeping bag already cold—it’ll be difficult to warm up. Instead, do some jumping jacks or something to bring up your core temperature. Or just have a warm cup of tea.

Try a sleeping bag liner.
These add an extra layer of insulation. Fleece liners are especially nice on cold winter nights.

Get an insulated sleeping bag.
Down insulation is a great way to keep the heat in, but there are plenty of sleeping bags with synthetic insulation that work just as well. Try to find a three-season sleeping bag.

Tent carpets and rugs.
Using these can stop cold from coming up through the ground. Think of them as just another layer of insulation.

Disposable heat packs.
They are small but mighty. Pop one into your sleeping bag or the pocket of your hoody to help keep warm.

Smaller tents are better.
Remember: it’s easier to heat a smaller space and keep it at temperature than it is to heat a larger space. If you’re camping in the cold, smaller tents are the way to go.

Use portable heaters with EXTREME caution.
No matter what kind of heater you have, it should never be left on for long periods of time or while you’re sleeping. Most require plenty of ventilation, too, which can make staying warm an issue.

Bring extra blankets.
The simplest solution of them all! If you’re expecting it to be cold, make sure to pack plenty of extra blankets to hunker down under.


Stay Warm when Tent Camping

Tent camping in the winter is a whole different experience than camping in the summer, but the experience is just as rewarding. All you have to do is make sure you come prepared and stay warm!